Well tonight we switched on all 6 lasers and the effect was AMAZING!!!

It was great seeing people driving & walking around looking for the beams :) I’m really struggling to decide which is my favourite view – Rothwell from the fields, Desborough close to the Waterworks or underneath Corby Beanfield.

Please get in touch with your photos and comments telling us your favourite viewing points!  I’ll put your photos up on the blog and gallery.

A massive personal thank you needs to go to the following people without whom this event just wouldn’t have happened:

  • Andy (Capn) Pickard – what wonderful thigh muscles you now have sir, cider shandies all round
  • Kaye Coleman-Rooney – for keeping it (& us) real
  • Dal (The Laser Shed Man) Badial – where to begin really, workhorse & total legend
  • Jo Fair(er than most)fax – for his unending enthusiasm, humour, encouragement & inspiration – top bloke
  • All those at Anglian Water, Laser Hire London and NCC who helped the team to make this happen – thank you again!
  • And a special thank you to Andrew Hilton for his brilliant photos

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone, its getting late…

180° of Light runs every night 7.30 – 9.30pm until Sunday 2nd Oct – I hope to meet some of you as I plan on visiting most evenings – there’s a walk on Sunday eve if anyone fancies it?

If you like this then you may also like this – coming to Earls Barton, Rothwell, Northampton and Oundle very soon.

Thank you and goodnight :)


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4 Comments to “WOW!”

  1. What’s the meeting point and time for the walk?

  2. I went out on Thursday night and visited each water towr. The Beanfield one was amazing!!! In my opinion, the best view. There was a helicopter doing the rounds too. Where they taking ariel photos? I just wish I could have seen the whole triangle :-(


  3. I turned up to go to the guided walk…hmmm!

    No safety information here beforehand, nor a link to any. No information about the route or incurring costs in taxis on the way home.

    The Health and Safety briefing on the night was basically a disclaimer of all liability. Was the walk risk assessed? Was the walk led by a qualifies walk leader. High vis vests issued? No.

    The walk started, then stopped 5 minutes later, we all got called back for another health and safety briefing, at which point I abandoned the whole shambles, as did others.

    What an amateur affair…very disappointing.

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