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April 26, 2012

Light Calling, Borough Hill, Daventry – Test

In addition to the forthcoming Northampton Lighthouse installation, Light Calling is another new and ambitious laser artwork to be delivered by the FLOW team, namely acclaimed artist Jo Fairfax, FLOW designer and manager Graham Callister from Northamptonshire County Council and Laser Hire London, with further support from Daventry District Council and Ignite!

Light Calling recreates one of the former ‘A’ and ‘B’ radio masts on Borough Hill, Daventry marking 80 years since the launch of the BBC Empire Service (now BBC World Service) and the 20th anniversary of the last BBC World Service transmission from Daventry as part of the regional Cargoes art programme.

Four 7.8 watt laser beams will be vertically aligned to create a pyramid of light that projects high into the Northamptonshire night sky, re-creating the outline and form of a former radio mast.  More can be heard about the project here on BBC Radio Northampton’s Breakfast Show at c. 01:45:00

A big thank you to our dedicated photographers SteveRSVR, Ian Brock, Keith Park  and Andrew Randall for their fantastic photos (again!) with a selection provided below.  More can be found on the FLOW Northamptonshire Group Pool. 

Light Calling is a free event and will be on view to the public on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May from approximately 9pm.  Earlier that evening local historian Dave Adams will be providing a free guided walk and talk about the history of Borough Hill from 7.30pm.  A further walk led by artist Chrys Allen from the Ignite! team will commence from the installation at approximately 9.30pm, and the beams will be switched off no later than 11.30pm.

Borough Hill car park will be closed to the public from 6pm therefore participants are requested to walk up to the installation from Admirals Way.  Stewards will be on hand to assist with directions and to provide appropriate advice. 

Members of the public who therefore wish to see the artwork will be responsible for their own well-being before, during and after the installation and are expected to dress appropriately for the evening including suitable outdoor clothing and footwear, and are requested to bring their own torches.

Daventry Museum is also hosting a fascinating exhibition about the BBC World Service’s time on Borough Hill on Saturday 5th May at Daventry Town Council offices.  A further local film society event about the town’s heritage is being held at the iCON that evening. 

See you there!

April 22, 2012

National Lift Tower / Northampton Lighthouse by Maks Swiderek

Some beautiful photos of the Lift Tower / Lighthouse lasers uploaded to the FLOW Northamptonshire Flickr Group Pool by local Northampton talent Maks Swiderek – great work Maks!

April 22, 2012

Maks Swiderek photo 2

See more of Maks Swiderek’s portfolio here:

April 21, 2012

More great photos uploaded to Flickr Group Pool by Keith Park…

April 21, 2012

Jacob Price Photo

April 20, 2012

Northampton Lighthouse

Last night the FLOW team undertook their latest tests at the National Lift Tower, Northampton.  The result was truly spectacular and was captured by some outstanding local talent as demonstrated in the images.  More can be found in the Flickr FLOW Northamptonshire Group Pool.

A massive thank you goes to Jo Fairfax, Dal Badial and Darren from Laser Hire London, and to Kevin and Chris from Stage Right Productions (based in Northampton), and to our growing legion of amazing Northamptonshire photographers that include Keith Park, Ian Brock, Andrew Hilton, SteveRSVR, Andrew Randall and Jamie Cooper.

April 20, 2012

Thanks to Jamie Cooper

For his fantastic photos:



April 20, 2012

And to SteveRSVR for the photos!

April 15, 2012


Great photo taken by Keith Park.

Initial testing caused a bit of a stir.

More on this potential art project here:

More information on the National Lift Tower here:

April 15, 2012

National Lift Tower, Northampton – Laser Test

Photos from inside the National Lift Tower, Northampton, during initial trial tests for a potential laser art installation by Jo Farifax and the FLOW team.

Light pollution worked against the lasers in the town to some degree but out in the burbs / villages it was a different story.

Further test with additional lighting to follow…


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