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Popular Brands of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping the house clean is no longer a hands-on job thanks to the invention of robotic vacuum cleaners. If you’re yet to enjoy the best of this kind of technology, here are some of the places you should start looking.

1. Roomba

By far the most common brand of robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba’s range of vacuuming robots are more efficient, more intelligent, and packed with more features than you’ll find anywhere else. It is argued that their trendsetting robotic vacuum cleaner design has been borrowed severally by a number of competitors. 

Roomba’s robotic vacuum cleaners offer some of the best functionality in the market. Although there are brands that offer robotic vacuum cleaners that are easier to use, Roomba robotic vacuums don’t take a lot of getting used to. 

Feature-wise, most of them are packed with automatic sensors and little perks such as Wi-Fi® connectivity that allows them to seamlessly integrate with a smartphone app for easier remote control. For this kind of intelligent system, however, you have to shell out considerably more money than you would for other brands. 

2. iLife 

As much as Chinese electronics have been given a bad rep by the proliferation of backstreet counterfeits into the mainstream market, you will be hard-pressed to find faults with iLife robotic vacuum cleaners. Not only are they elegantly made using some of the sleekest designs available; these fairly priced robotic vacuum cleaners are no pushovers when it comes to performance. 

The brand divides its robotic vacuum cleaners into two categories: the V Series, and the A Series. While the A Series’ designs are focused around providing more suction power and resilience, the V Series cleaners are more versatile and more feature-rich. 

The pet-friendly V Series models are more adept at removing pet-related debris such as fur and shed skin. Models such as the iLife V5s Pro can perform functions such as vacuuming and mopping the floors at the same time. iLife cleaners are also slimmer and slightly lighter than the others. 

3. Neato

Neato “Botvacs” are quite easily the most futuristic of the lot. These smart robotic vacuum cleaners are primarily cordless and seamlessly integrate with smartphones thanks to the Botvac Connected app. If you’re a first-time buyer, Neato is a great choice in terms of usability, connectivity, and functionality, but not necessarily price. 

A lot that can be said about Neato robotic vacuum cleaners is generally what you would expect from any other brand of cleaners. Their D-shaped cleaners are however much more efficient at cleaning 90-degree corners and walls. 

Neato botvacs connect easily over Wi-Fi® and are not particularly hard to control. Furthermore, all the models are integrated with a mapping and navigation feature known as Lasersmart™, which guides the cleaner around the house and also provides the comprehensive coverage map that can be viewed through the mobile app. 

4. Dyson

Dyson’s latest model, the 360 eye, is considerably chunkier than other robotic vacuum cleaners. This brand is one of the best when it comes to producing feature-rich models with great suction power and excellent functionality. The same cannot be said about their aesthetics, however. 

Dyson is also one of the few mainstream robotic cleaner brands that dabbles in more than just robotic vacuums. Their cleaners are full-featured as you would expect from a well-established vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Although their designs lack the innovation showed by their D-shaped rivals, Dyson robotic vacuum cleaners offer some of the highest suction powers you can get anywhere. 



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