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Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Some years back, to own a decent robot vacuum cleaner meant that you had to have any at least four hundred dollars. For this amount, you would be the owner of an ancient IR-based navigation vacuum. Anything that required less babysitting would make sure you parted with at least seven hundred dollars. However, times have changed and now we have budget robot vacuum cleaners. A budget robot vacuum cleaner is defined as vacuum cleaner that has all features, works well and is confined to your budget. 

Types of Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaners

iRobot Roomba 650

This is the most budget friendly robot vacuum cleaner that the Roomba family has to offer. Comes with a price range of $399 and has a more refined design compared to the other Roomba robotic vacuums. 



Virtual wall

It is used for setting up a barrier that is invisible that the robot cannot be able to cross. It requires two C batteries that. One virtual wall has the ability to restrict the robotic vacuum cleaner to a room with one door using an infrared signal. It also has a wide-angle beam that is also used to protect touchy objects on the floor surfaces such as dog bowls. This feature is important, as the iRobot is known for notoriously hitting objects it comes across.

Navigation and cleaning

These two features go hand in hand, as the rule is simple- where the robot cannot access, it will not be able to clean. Unlike humans, robots cannot be able to move furniture around and as such, they are forced to go round it. The 650 has the power to scan a room using infrared sensors and as such, it can effectively clean.

It also has two counter rotating brushes, which pick up hidden dirt something that other vacuum cleaners cannot be able to do.


Eufy RoboVac 11



This is a budget robot vacuum that comes with an exceptionally long lasting battery. Has a special adaptation for cleaning the edges of furniture and walls all at a cheaper price. Has features such as:

  1. - Battery-most manufacturers term a good battery as one that can last for an hour or so; but for the Eufy battery, it goes for over one hour and forty minutes and still retains power that can be spared. When the battery is almost drained, the RoboVac goes back to its dock for a recharge.
  3. - Brushes-The RoboVac has three brushes alongside the suction mechanism. One of them is situated below the robot, the other two are at the side, and their sole purpose is to clean the edges of furniture and walls- a feature that most robot vacuum cleaners lack.
  5. - Navigation- at first the Eufy moves around randomly but with time it learns how to navigate. It might lack the virtual map but it makes up for this by having sensors such as the dropp sensor that ensure it doesn’t fall down the stairs. It also has the infrared, which is responsible for helping the vacuum avoid obstacles.
ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



The ILIFE has a price range of under $200. It has also been termed as one of the best vacuum cleaners when it comes to considering budgets.


  • - Remote-Has a remote that helps in scheduling cleaning, guiding the vacuum to particular spots and sending it back to its dock for recharge.
  • - Low profile- it is only three inches tall and this helps it be able to maneuver even under surfaces that are below the furniture. It is also less likely to get trapped under any appliances.
  • - Quiet- the V3s is often quiet and this means you can put it on and continue enjoying your TV at the same time.
  • - Setup- it has a simple setup that ensures it starts running in about ten minutes.
  • - It also works superbly well on short pile carpet, tile and hardwood. The other vacuum cleaners that work well on all these floors are charged at $900.
  • - It also collects pet hair from laminate and hardwood: such pet hair is sometimes left out by other robot vacuum cleaners and as such is not picked so well. However, the V3s picks up pet hair comfortably and well.
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