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If you have any questions about FLOW, how you can get involved, the artists taking part, or other projects that are part of Champtioning Northamptonshire in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, you can:

 Email us:

Follow us on Twitter @Northants2012, for all the latest news about all the Championing Northamptonshire projects

  Find our facebook page, Northamptonshire 2012, to sign up to attend events, view photos, and keep up to date with all the Championing Northamptonshire projects.

10 Comments to “Contact Us”

  1. hi is there anything planed for desborough this year thanks

  2. Hi, I’m an amateur photographer based in Northampton and was wondering if there is a follow up on the laser show as I think it would be an incredibly interesting addition to my portfolio.

  3. Hi, not sure where I was meant to leave feedback but just to say I see the lift tower lasers tonight and the look brilliant. The tower is a landmark in Northampton as it is and can be seen for miles, granted you may get a bit of light pollution in the town itself but coming into town from the A43 or the A428 I would imagine it would look amazing. This is my vote to keep it, Thanks, stu

    • Glad we get your vote Stu! We’ll be switching the lights back on come May 4th to mark 2012 hours to go before start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, so tell everyone you know and get your camera out!

      All the very best,


  4. Would certainly like to see more around Northamptonshire again I am an amateur photographer.

    • Hi Di

      Thanks for the comment

      There are no updated dates on the events page as yet as we’re still just testing what might be feasible and we like to spring these installations on people rather than build up expectations – best thing to do is to keep an eye out on the local press, follow this website or the Northants2012 twitter account

      Best wishes


  5. Hi again

    Looking forward to Light Calling in Daventry. Hope for some great shots. Hope all goes well. See you lot there.

  6. Hey, thanks very much, love the feedback – am I right in thinking you guys have seen all the FLOW commissions? If it does rain tomorrrow the beams will be even brighter! All the best, Graham

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