July 12th – 25th

From Cosgrove to Wadenhoe and back again!

Interchange is a fortnight of artistic activity and dialogue along the Grand Union Canal and River Nene in Northamptonshire, taking place around the Olympic Open Weekend on 22-24 July.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art has invited artists David Littler, Jo Roberts and Simon Woolham to be based on a narrow boat for a fortnight to make new work and engage with communities based alongside the banks and on the water as part of FLOW.


15 July, 7pm til late
The Britannia Pub, Bedford Road, Northampton
Artist Discussion – Contemporary Art, Participation and the Public Realm
Join us for a beer, share thoughts and experiences about collaborative art practice.

19 July, 4-6pm
Wadenhoe, near the King’s Head pub
22 July, 10am-12noon
Beckets Park Marina, Northampton
Meet the artists David Littler, Jo Roberts and Simon Woolham and join them in a range of unusual collaborative activities, including embroidery workshops based on traditional canal songs, badge making for friends, surrealist games, unusual uses of printmaking techniques and a live Jackanory style performance.

23 July, 6-8pm
Blisworth Tunnel, Grand Union Canal, between Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth
David Littler will work with vocal percussionist Jason Singh to create a new sound piece with projections of visualised sound onto the walls of the tunnel, responding to the natural acoustics and echo of the third longest tunnel in the UK.

The artists will explore the changing rural, urban and industrial landscapes through collaborative and research based art practice and take inspiration from the culture and aesthetics traditionally associated with inland waterways such as paintings and canal songs.

David Littler will continue his ongoing project sampler-culture clash, through which he collaborates with a range of people including vocal percussionists, DJs, performance poets and embroiderers to create events exploring sampling as a creative process and the connections between people, sound and textiles. The project provides an opportunity for different practitioners to mix, match and clash… a time when embroiderers can exercise their latent writing talents and writers and musicians can sew…

See David’s bog for more information,

Jo Roberts calls herself a ‘Commentariographer’, a word last used in 1576 to describe “someone who writes, mediates, ponders, portrays or records.” She is interested in the minutiae of everyday life, highlighting the specific and responding to the way people communicate. These observations and interactions result in drawings, maps and records. Jo is exploring the effect of slow travel, and will record her journey through markers of time and distance. “Slow travel re-engineers time, transforming it into a commodity of abundance rather than scarcity. And [it] reshapes our relationship with places…” Nicky Gardener, Manifesto of Slow Travel.

Follow Jo’s journey via

Simon Woolham is concerned with occupied spaces and the narratives that unfold in them. His biro drawings of playing fields and underpasses often include excerpts of dialogue and these dilapidated places come to life as tree stumps or broken fences are filled with meaning through the events happening around them. Simon will create an alternative anthology of local urban myths, stories and folk songs associated with the canal and river and make text based drawings based on found narratives. As part of the artist collective M4SK22 – that mixes music and film, soil and dust, samples and software, Internet archives and drawing – Simon will collect atmospheric and incidental sounds to create a new sound track.

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