Following on from the Darren Banks Back Water exhibition, the Fishmarket Gallery has been working with Brington, Harlestone and Delapre Primary Schools to create some amazing new artworks inspired by the River Nene 250th anniversary and all things water based in Northamptonshire as part of FLOW.

Brington and Harlestone Primary Schools have spent the summer term stitching stories and images onto second-hand sail cloth used during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games to create a number of pennant flags which were exhibited to parents at a school Celebration Day on the 14th July and then transported to the new Northampton Marina to dress the footbridges as part of the planned River Festival activities on August 7th.

The project, called NSIGNS, has seen the schools working with the Fishmarket Gallery and MakeIt! artist and makers group using traditional methods alongside more modern techniques such as stencilling. Pupils from Harlestone and Brington were also lucky enough to meet the Israeli Olympic Team who undertook training at the East Midlands International Pool, Corby.

In tandem Delapre Primary School pupils plan on creating their RIVER installation and accompanying film which were exhibited at the Fishmarket Gallery in Northampton from the 7th to the 16th July.

Working alongside two local artists and taking their inspiration from Darren Banks’ Back Water installation, the year 5 students at Delapre Primary School will create their very own artwork made from a range of everyday objects, images, photos, family life and their local neighbourhood.

Alongside the exhibition there will also be artwork and writings produced by Northamptonshire primary schools as part of the Nene250 celebrations, looking at how the river has shaped the local heritage of towns and villages in the county.

The education programme has been funded by The Mighty Creatives, the young people’s creative development agency for the East Midlands, and Northamptonshire County Council (NCC).

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