Jo Fairfax:180 Degrees of Light – Water Tower Laser Art Installation

Fri 23 Sept – Sun 2 Oct

Jo Fairfax will create an installation of lasers and light, linking three of the county’s water towers in a giant overland triangle.

Jo was brought up in a thatched cottage in the middle of rural Berkshire within an artistic family of, painters, dancers, writers and poets all ploughing their own creative furrow – not a proper job in sight. It is perhaps not surprising that Jo and brother Michael should occupy some space in the artworld.

Definitions and categories of activity seem unnecessary to Jo. Science, art, geography, architecture etc etc, don’t benefit from being classified as such and explains why Leonardo da Vinci is his all time hero. Good design is good design.  Jo believes everything can benefit from the attention of creative minds, whether it’s a gateway sculpture or a defibrillator.

Jo’s work to date includes sculpture, architectural lighting, sculptural lighting, holograms, urban design, seat design, virtual reality, films, cartoons and writing.  ‘I love the current technological developments and I love design with spirit. I hope that you enjoy my work.’

The installations plotted on a map:

20 Comments to “Jo Fairfax:180 Degrees of Light – Water Tower Laser Art Installation”

  1. I think we can see the desborough to beanfeilds water tower light beam this evening.
    The streets have people looking and pondering, as we drove round baffling to ourselves, speaking to people we never had spoken to before over this projection. The community has defiantly been bought together, young and old.
    You have accomplished what You have set out to achieve, an artistic piece and bringing northamptonshire together.
    I couldn’t wait to get home and google this as it is inspiring, I am so pleased that I have found out what it is.

    I hope it goes well for you all.

    • glad you like it, it did look AMAZING! and thats only test 2! couple more tests to go and we’ll be ready – please tell as many people as you can and look out for some posters in town arriving soon

      all the best,


    • look to the skies again this coming thurs 8th sam – all being well we’re firing the lasers from rothwell and desborough to corby beanfield – please tell your friends, family, work colleagues and if you get any good photos email them to and i’ll put them on the website & flickr gallery

      best wishes


  2. how longs this going on for?

  3. saw the laser o the way home on my bike when i saw the lasers they were pointing up to begin with and when i got home they were on the water tower beautiful live right next door to it !

  4. We live right next to Desborough water tower, do you when the 10 nights are likely to be ?

    • should be 23 sept to 2 oct all being well Hayden, and will run for max 2hrs per night from c.8pm to 10pm latest

      i hope you will enjoy it & that it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience

      best wishes


  5. Sue Barker and Molly Barker

    Mum was really worried and thought aliens had landed. It did look lovely , especially as the evening before the water tower was lit up by natural evening sunlight when every where else was stormy dark and a rainbow arched across it.

  6. next test date thurs 8th sept when it gets dark, connecting Desborough & Rothwell water towers with Corby Beanfield


  7. Saturday evening we went for a drive to all the locations,Desborough’s laser light is very accessible from a few different areas + you can see it clearly.Rothwell’s is not so accessible but you can see it clearly + the illumination was better. Then we got to Corby + lasers where pretty obscured from the roadside,you could see them but not as good as Desborough + Rothwell.It was a good sight-seeing tour for the kids + myself – the kids going wow in the back of the car.

    • hi fiona

      if you pull over at rothwell you can walk by the water tower and also down into adjacent fields – ditto corby if you find the bridleway – OS Landranger map worth a look as I reckon there are a few public footpaths / bridleways that could also throw up some good views :)

      glad the kids like it – its the closest i’m going to get to being on the Death Star :) i quite like catching glimpses of the beams between houses etc

      i hope you and the kids will tell as many people as possible about it – if you liked this then come see Sywell Echo during Oct half-term on Sywell Reservoir

      Best wishes,


  8. This is a beautiful and inspired artwork which really lifts the spirits We live in Desborough and we love it. Thank you for creating it – why has there not been more publicity for it?

  9. I think its amazing really puts Rothwell on the map well done. Hope its going to be there for a while looks fantastic thanxs Linda x

  10. AMAZING!!!! Eerie yet spiritual, you expect there to be some noise for some reason, but it’s beautiful. Beanfield is fantastic. I ended up standing under the two beams with stars inbetween – wow! Can’t wait to see Sywell :-))


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